Diet & Nutrition

“Expert counselling for vital nutrition…”

Our Clinical nutritionists and dieticians know how balanced diet and nutrition can do wonders for good health and speedy recovery. Our dedicated Diet and Nutrition Clinic houses seasoned specialists who are committed to help you and your family embark upon balanced, practical and effective nutritional and diet programs through smart lifestyle changes. We offer nutritional assessments, one-on-one consultations and patient family education for a wide range of conditions both on an in-patient and out-patient basis.

Moreover Our Clinical nutrition Department is committed to provide effective solutions for weight loss through specialized programs for Bariatric Surgeries patients to lose weight and maintain their new target, for expectant mothers, including post-childbirth nutrition; and effective weight loss programs, for pediatrics who are obese or over weight, for metabolic syndrome patients to lose the extra weight and avoid the resulted complications. Al Seef’s Diet and Nutrition Clinic is your trusted partner for a healthy and trim new you.

Al Seef Edge

Our Laboratory conducts integrated tests to determine which specific food types cause unpleasant body reaction which might be weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, headache, skin rash and many other immune responses.

In addition, our dietary clinic is equipped with the most developed machine to analyze the body composition of Fat, Muscles, Water, minerals enabling us to prescribe a diet which is most suited to your unique metabolism and body composition.

Not only do we seek to help you commence a realistic weight-loss program that is best suited to your unique lifestyle, but also offer advice on diet programs for specific health conditions. We also offer unique dieting and weight-loss products, as part of our slimming diet program which is universally accredited.

Treatment and Services:

• Managing And Treating Obesity
• Effective Weight Loss
• Anorexia And Eating Disorders
• Dyslipidemia
• Diabetes
• Hypertension
• Renal Failure
• Pregnancy And Gestational Diabetes
• Post Delivery and breast feeding
• Bariatric Surgery Nutrition
• Lactose Intolerance And Gluten Intolerance and G6PD
• Sport Nutrition
• Geriatric Nutrition
• Pediatric Nutrition