“Sound advice throughout life…”

The Psychology Department at Al Seef Hospital is the first private hospital in the State of Kuwait to offer mental health treatment services. We take pride in providing quality mental health treatment in a safe, confidential, and therapeutic manner. Our highly qualified and experienced mental health professionals will collaborate with the patients to destigmatize and normalize the notion of seeking mental health treatment. Our evidence-based practice enables us to empower our patients to successfully deal with any life situation and build inner confidence.

Al Seef Edge

We specialize across a full-range of mental health treatment for children and adults. These include a wide range of mental health conditions related to mood (depression and anxiety), situational stressors and life changes (dealing with pregnancy, marriage, divorce, relational problems and medical illnesses), children and adolescent related issues (behavioral problems, attention difficulties, and mood disturbances), and body image issues (eating disorders). Our Department also works closely with other departments within the Hospital to synergise treatment and provide our patients with holistic and comprehensive care for their overall wellbeing. Through personalized and confidential care, we secure your trust to help you manage and overcome different life circumstances.

Psychological Services:

Psychological Consultation

We provide psychological consultation to patients admitted to other medical services at Al Seef Hospital (including radiology, internal medicine, family medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology), who are experiencing significant mental illness symptoms, enabling them to better understand and manage their health towards recovery. This consultation service will provide a range of services, including psychological evaluation, collaboration with medical specialists, and arrangement for follow-up care when and if needed.

Individual Psychotherapy

We conduct one-on-one personalised sessions – approximately 60 minutes each – for individuals to assess and help them understand their respective behavioral problems, their medical and personal background, and identify solutions to help them improve their level of functioning and relationships.

Group Psychotherapy

Our group psychoeducational sessions (approximately 60 minutes, and 3-10 patients per group) focus on specific coping strategies and topics such as anger management, frustration tolerance, social skills, and parenting. These topics are explored by all group members and solutions are solicited.

Family Psychotherapy

Family therapy sessions (approximately 60 minutes) are highly effective and beneficial for a family experiencing distress, problems and friction amongst familial members. Family members learn to appropriately interact with one another in order to improve the communication and overall functioning of the family as a unit.

Couples Psychotherapy and Premarital Counseling

This modality is not only helpful to couples who are experiencing tension and conflict in their relationship, but it is also helpful for couples who would like to gain increased insight into one another. Premarital counseling is valuable for couples who plan to marry and would like to develop skills in order to navigate their way through marriage successfully.

School Consultations

Our clinicians often visit children’s schools to observe a patient in his/her natural academic environment. Such a service can be beneficial in order to gather information related to a child’s functioning in the school setting and to consult with teaching personnel, provided there was written consent from the minor’s guardians.

Psychological Testing

Psychological tests are useful in gaining a better understanding of an individual’s personality structure, psychopathology, cognitive capabilities and more. They are often used in a variety of settings to determine whether students require special education programs, in clinical settings to learn more about the mental illness present in clients, and in the workplace, to better understand employees’ personalities and work styles.