Dermatology & Venereology Dept.

“For healthy skin and advice you can trust…”

Our Dermatology and Venerology Department puts your mind at ease by combining years of expertise and a successful track record in diagnosing, treating and managing conditions of the skin, infectious and venereal diseases. We use the latest medical treatments, surgical interventions and sophisticated technology to provide you devoted care and a speedy recovery. Our anesthetists work closely with dermatologists and surgeons to attend to chronic, acute and minor skin conditions cosmeticall. Through our preventive healthcare approach, our healthcare professionals offer thoughtful advice and counseling to help manage diseases and prevent relapse/recurrence.

Al Seef Edge

We employ the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology to provide you medical and aesthetic dermatological solutions, irrespective of your age, sex and ethnicity. We endeavour to create natural results that complement your persona, with minimal discomfort and downtime. All new procedures are carefully assessed to ensure safety and efficacy; so that you can rest assured of receiving the very best of treatments.
Through a series of advanced tests, advice on identification of symptoms and follow-up measures, our services focus on the prevention and management of STDs. Throughout, we uphold your rights as a patient to privacy and utmost confidentiality. Al Seef Hospital is also proud to host the first and only Pediatric Dermatology Clinic to look after the skin of the young ones.

Treatment and Services:

Treatment for all skin diseaseAllergy:

• Allergy patch test.
• Blood allergy test.
• Treatment of allergy.

Surgical procedures for:

• excision of cysts.
• assessing and removing moles.
• malignant & pre malignant lesions excision.
• In-growing nails.

Cryo-therapy for:

• Warts.
• Pre-malignant lesions.
• Age spots.
• solar spots.

Electro-cautery treatments for:

• Warts.
• Keratoses.
• Skin tags.

Venereal diseases:

• Diagnosis and treatment of all S.T.Ds.


• Assessment of hair loss in males and females and providing proper means of management.


• Assessment and treatment of all fungal infections.
• Assessment and treatment of all nail problems.


• Assessment and treatment of fungal infection.
• looking after diebetic foot.

Laser treatments:

• Smart-lipo.
• laser hair removal of fine and thick hair.
• Vascular laser treatment of leg veins, spider veins and facial telengectasia.
• Laser treatment of acne scars and surgical scars .
• Laser treatment of pigmentation, blemishes and age spots .
• laser Tattoo removal.

Peeling treatments:

• TCA & Chemical peels.
• Glycolic acid peels (Fruit Acids).
• Micro-dermabrasion (crystal peel).

Meso-therapy treatments for:

• Face rejuvenation.
• Slimming.
• Tightening.
• Hair.
• Stretch marks.

Botox treatments for:

• Wrinkles.
• Hyper-hydrosis (sweating).

Filler treatments for:

• Face.
• Body.

Skin tightening treatments for:

• Face, neck and body.
• Treatment of stretch marks.
• Treatment of redundant abdomen.