“Lasting solutions for a slimmer you…”

Drastic and extreme weight loss measures can be equally harmful to health as weight-related illnesses. Our Bariatrics Clinic specialises in the prevention, treatment and management of obesity and obesity-related diseases, through a balanced, holistic and healthy approach. Our Bariatric specialists hold immense knowledge and qualifications in effective weight-loss treatments that combine nutritional dieting, physical exercise and behavioural therapy to help you shed those extra pounds.

Al Seef Edge

Through an integrated medical approach, our Bariatric specialists synergise the expertise of our nutritionists, physical therapists, endocrinologists, pharmacy and bariatric surgeons to devise a program that is best suited to your individual needs and Body Mass Index (BMI). We understand that each individual has a unique lifestyle; our weight-loss programs and treatments factor in your routine schedule, habits, preferences and medical history to help you lose weight in a realistic fashion over the long-term.

Treatment and Services:

• Nutritional counselling
• Bariatric surgery: including gastric band, gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy and duodenal switch
• Redo Surgery for patients who already had bariatric surgery and have complications like leaks,
insufficient weight loss or too much weight loss and inability to eat well
• Routine medical reviews
• Health monitoring
• Behaviour modification
• Food programs
• Preventive and integrative medicine
• Anti-aging and hormonal balancing
• Weight maintenance solutions
• Physical exercise programs