Thoracic (Chest) Surgery

Sophisticated medical technology for the most delicate conditions

It is natural to feel anxious when it comes to treating conditions of chest organs. Al Seef’s Thoracic ( Chest) Surgery Department assuages your concern through its highly experienced team of qualified surgeons who bring together years of know-how with advanced medical technology to diagnose, treat and manage all benign and malignant conditions of the lungs, pleura (lung and chest wall coverings), check wall , diaphragm, mediastinum , trachea and oesophagus. Our compassionate approach keeps you as a patient and your loved ones abreast of all stages of the treatment, as well as practical advice on post-surgery care to ensure a speedy recovery.

Al Seef Edge

With an emphasis on patient education and symptoms control, our multi-disciplinary team comprising physicians, thoracic surgeons, pathologists, radiologists and nutritionists work closely to avert, diagnose and treat the most acute and fragile conditions of the chest including cancers and other benign conditions. Our consistent follow-up gives each patient the reassurance and guidance they need to emerge strong and healthy from their surgery or treatment.

Treatment and Services:

• We specialise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of:
• Pneumothorax
• Pleural effusion and Empyema
• Lung masses and cancer
• Chest wall diseases and tumors
• Mediastinal masses
• Esophageal and Stomach tumors and motor disorders
• Tracheal tumors
• Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)
• Chest drains management
• Video assisted thoracoscopic procedures (VATS)
• Flexible and Rigid bronchoscpies
• Sympathectomies
• Chest wall deformities