“For crystal clear vision at all stages of life…”

At Al Seef, caring for your eyesight and vision is a life-long process. No matter what age or condition our patients find themselves in, we have adopted the latest techniques in diagnostic procedure and treatment to provide advanced and effective eye care. Our highly-experienced and certified ophthalmologists administer individualised care and world-class solutions.

Al Seef Edge

We are especially compassionate and patient while treating elderly patients afflicted with age-related diminution of vision. Our specialists go the extra mile to ensure elderly patients are comfortable and reassured at all times, from screening of vision, to diagnosis, management and follow-up.

Treatment and Services:

• Diabetic retinopathy, maculopathy papillopathy & other diabetic related eye com
• Nearsightedness and farsightedness & management
• Diseases of the cornea and external eye diseases
• Ocular motility disorders
• Orbital diseases
• Vitroretinal diseases
• Congenital vision defects
• Congenital vision defects
• Treatment of the retina and vitreous-body diseases using the latest laser machines and IVA
• Retina and Optic Nerve Examination (with fundus OCT & FFA)
• Treatment of acute and chronic Glaucoma using the Argon laser and selected laser trabeculoplasty
• Treatment of opacified posterior capsule (after cataract) using yag laser
• Surgery of the ocular surface, cataract, glaucoma, lacrimal sac disorders, eyelids, and squint
• Examining the visual field using automated perimetry & OCT (for early detection & follow up of Glaucoma).
• Eye screening with ultrosonography
• Glasses and contact lens prescription
• Management of squint in children